C. Albiges-Rizo, Grenoble, FR
M. Aurrand-Lions, Marseille, FR
P. Bongrand, Marseille, FR
P. Friedl, Nijmegen, NL/Houston, USA
G. Giannone, Bordeaux, FR
T. Lecuit, Marseille, FR
A-M. Lennon-Duménil, Paris, FR
J. Norman, Glasgow, UK
S. Noselli, Nice, FR
G. Orend, Strasbourg, FR
J. Paredes, Porto, PT
M. Parsons, London, UK
C. Randriamampita, Paris, FR
C. Streuli, Manchester, UK

Scientific Committee

F. André, Inserm U911/CRO2
A. Lellouch, Inserm UMR1067/CNRS7333
P-F. Lenne, IBDML
D. Lombardo, Inserm U911/CRO2
V. Rigot, Inserm U911/CRO2
E. Van Obberghen-Schilling, iBV

Scientific Program

Thursday May 15, 2014

08.30 Welcome adress
09.00 Introduction, C. Zheng (AMU) & C. Albiges-Rizo (SBCF)
Session I : Cellular imaging and biomechanics of adhesion
09.30 Cytoskeletal crosstalk controlling adhesion dynamics, M.  Parsons
10.00 Biomechanical control of tissue shape changes, T. Lecuit
10.30 3 short communications
11.15 Coffee break / Posters
Session II : Adhesion in the immune system
11.45 Developmental regulation of actin nucleation and dendritic cell migration, A-M. Lennon-Duménil
12.15 T cell adhesion to antigen-presenting cells triggers the formation of the antisynapse, a signaling pole opposite the immune synapse to antigen presenting cells, C. Randriamampita
12.45 1 short communication
13.00 Lunch / Posters
15.00 Role of membrane dynamics during the first step of cell adhesion, P. Bongrand
15.30 1 short communication
15.45 Coffee break / Posters
Session III : Adhesion, migration, and the cytoskeleton
16.15 Integrin trafficking during cancer cell migration and invasion, J. Norman
16.45 Deciphering the regulation of integrin activation at the nanoscale, G. Giannone
17.15 Role of Drosophila Myosin ID, cadherin and the atypical cadherin Dachsous in L/R asymmetry, S. Noselli
18.00 2 short communications
18.30 End of the first day
20.00 Gala dinner at UNM (Restaurant de l'Union Nautique Marseillaise, 34 bd Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille)

Friday May 16, 2014

Session IV : Adhesion in the immune system
09.00 Tissue niches for cancer cell invasion in vivo, P. Friedl
09.30 Mechanisms of tenascin-C linked tumor progression assessed in novel stochastic tumor models with defined tenascin-C expression, C. Orend
10.00 Targeting adhesion mechanisms in hematopoietic malignancies, M. Aurrand Lions
10.30 2 short communications
11.00 Coffee break / Posters
Session V : Dialog between adhesion signalling networks
11.30 Cell-matrix interactions in the control of breast function, C. Streuli
12.15 E-cadherin and P-cadherin: their crosstalk in breast cancer cells, J. Paredes
12.15 Lunch / Posters
14.30 Beta1-integrin dependent ECM remodelling and vascular integrity in epithelia, C. Albiges-Rizo. Paredes
15.00 2 short communications
15.30 Conclusion
16.00 End of the meeting


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Congress venue
Amphithéâtre Gastaut, Les Jardins du Pharo
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Exhibition & Catering
Palais du Pharo, Salon Eugénie, Les Jardins du Pharo
58, Bd Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille, France

Congress dinner
Restaurant de l'Union Nautique Marseillaise,
34 bd Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille - France


 Frédéric André
    Inserm U911/CRO2, Marseille, FR

 Annemarie Lellouch
    Inserm UMR1067/CNRS7333, Marseille, FR



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Scientific Program

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Frédéric André
Inserm U911/CRO2, Marseille, FR

Annemarie Lellouch
Inserm UMR1067/CNRS7333, Marseille, FR

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